Why Whale Pins?

         When Dana was little, we tried to travel as much as possible because she was denied so many everyday joys that most children take for granted. Dana never knew what it felt like to feel the wind blow in her hair when riding a bike down the road. She never knew what it felt like when a bat connects with a ball and you score a run or the feel of victory when you are part of a winning team. Jumping on a trampoline was out of the question and feeling applause when you sing a beautiful song couldn't happen because she didn't have the lung capacity to sing that song.

         We as a family found our joy in being together and sharing the magnificence of the United States. By building these memories we had good things to think about as she was experiencing treatments or surgeries in the hospital.

         When Dana faced her surgery in April of 1994, she looked at me before she climbed up on the table and said "I want to move and breathe like the whales Mom. It must be wonderful to be able to take such a deep breath and go anywhere you want to under your own power. When I get better Mom, will you take me to see the whales?" My answer was yes but Dana died a few weeks later without getting to see the whales.

         On the one year anniversary of her death, her father, brothers and I flew to Alaska and went out on a chartered boat to find the whales. We found them and put flowers in the water for Dana.

         It was at that time the foundation was forming and it was only natural that the whale would become the symbol of the foundation. It represents Dana's desire for taking a deep breath and finding out what the future can hold.


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